DIY or Make-up Artist?

On your big day will you be doing your make yourself or hiring a make-up artist?

I’m in 2 minds about this on the one hand it would take the stress off me & give me extra time to relax & have perfect make up. (plus no foundation down your nails & ruining then dress) But on the other hand…..

What if I didn’t like it?

What if she did it wrong?

Or end up looking like this…

Also how am I ever going to let someone touch my face when I won’t even let my fiance remove an eyelash without freaking out?

& all the other mini freak outs a control freak like me might have lol

but I’ve decided I’m going to try it out a few time before the big day & see how I feel, If I’m comfortable with it & like it then I think i’ll definitely go for it.

What about you?

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


3 thoughts on “DIY or Make-up Artist?

  1. Have also been debating this. Was thinking would be cheaper to do it myself, but then realised I’d have to spend lots of money on expensive durable make up to avoid the shiney look. Still debating and plan to mooch about department stores trying different make up… x

  2. I also debated this but have finally opted for the DIY method after contacting a local make up artist and finding they cost between £45 – £90 per person on the day! I would definitely suggest having a few trials with a make-up artist first though just to see and ask them if they can give you any samples for you to touch up your make-up throughout the day!

    I know what you mean about the expensive beauty products, but I have been looking through various make-up tutorials on YouTube and have started to follow a make up artist called Tanya Burr who always look amazing (granted this could be because her make up is fresh and she has professional lighting). I have invested in an Urban Decay Naked pallette (which I bought at a discount online) which is full of lovely neutral colours for the big day and comes with an eye primer which has been a god send as I have oily skin and usually end up with my eye-shadow creasing up.

    I plan to have a “free” 60 minute Bobbi Brown bridal makeover in July in order to invest in some decent primer (to hopefully stop the shine) and long lasting foundation and concealer to try and ensure my base make up is as flawless as possible for the day. So fingers crossed this will work, the rest of the look I think I have pretty much pinned down now and have tested in different conditions (e.g. festival, night out, work, etc) so feel happier with my choice!

    I am a bit of a control freak myself and know I will feel calmer if I practice and do this myself on the day xx

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