Guests & Travel?

How far should you make your guests travel?

That’s the question that’s got us worrying atm. The majority of our our guests live very close to us (about 2/10 minutes away) & from the church but the travel from the church to the venue we love takes around 40 mins. We do like another venue that is 30 mins travel from the church but we’re not sure we want to compromise our dream venue for an extra 10 mins travel time. We were thinking about putting a wedding bus on for our day guests so then they only have to make their way back but I’m stuck and worrying because we’re viewing the venue again tomorrow (Sunday) with hope to book it & I’m worried people will think it too far & not come, HELP!

How far is your venue & how far are you expecting your guests to travel?

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One thought on “Guests & Travel?

  1. Reading your blog posts is like travelling back in time for me. We too looked at various venues in the County and fell in love with a couple that were more out of the way.

    If it helps at all we based our decision on the guests we most wanted to have there on the day (e.g. parents, grandparents, best friends, etc) and took into account their travel needs. Unfortunately we have a few elderly relatives who struggle to travel far due to motion sickness. etc, so we had to go for a more local venue that is near to our church (10 mins away, and 20 mins max away from their homes). I do think the idea of you putting on a coach is a great idea as long as its not too costly for you. You can then give guests the option of using the coach or driving themselves xx

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