A Long Engagement?

It’s a long standing question & one of the first things you get asked or think about as soon as that ring goes on your finger “Whens the big day?” & fair enough it’s definitely a valid question and the most interesting but when you say I’m not sure we haven’t decided yet or not for a few years people tend to lose interest.

Me & my OH will have been together for just under 8years (7yrs 7months) & been engaged 2 years 2 months when we tie the knot. The reason for this is not necassarily because we want a long engagement but more due to funds & venues. We aren’t going crazy & extravagent but we both know that this is a big day, a special day & we want it to be every bit as fantastic as we imagine it to be & for that to happen it being next year just isn’t an option for us as

A) The Venue we love is fully booked for next year

B) Our joint wages & savings would not allow us to have the wedding of our dreams in just a year

2 years give us plenty of time to save with far less stress it gives us time to properly research what we want, get the dates, photographers, venues that we love all these little things make that will make our wedding special and give it those extra touches.

I’m abit of a stresshead & a perfectionist anyway & trying to plan one of the most special days of my life in a short amount of time with limited money but send me well into demon bridezilla territory & send my fiance (and family) running for the hills well before the big day.

This way I can relax in the knowledge that the majority of things will be set into place long before I even buy my wedding dress. Obviously there’ll still be that element of stress (I cant help myself) but I’m sure I can live without those exact flowers or my place cards being in the wrong places etc aslong as my main things are right & my family & friends are with me. It also gives my family & friends plenty of notice in advance to book time off & save the date whereas next year they may already have holiday & things booked I have family overseas such as Canada and it gives them time to save to visit.

 I know people manage to have absolutely amazing weddings on limited budgets & in a short spaces of time but I just know that it wouldn’t work for us. All these views are my own thoughts & reasons for a long engagement. Plus I’ve waited this long so whats another 2 years?

What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “A Long Engagement?

  1. I agree with you entirely. My OH and I have been together for nearly 10 years, and got engaged in September 2011. We were also hit with the endless questions of when the big day would be but realised in order to afford the type of wedding and honeymoon we wanted (which is also not particularly a big one for the wedding at least) we would need at least 2 years to save. I too am a bit of a perfectionist and would never have coped with a quick turn around type wedding so we opted for leaving it 2 years in order to save and research/plan and do whatever we could ourselves in order to keep costs to a minimum.

    Its been a bit of a roller-coaster ride over the last year or so but we are now gearing up to our wedding this September and although the stress is really starting to set in now we hope with all the planning and effort we have put in, it will pay off in the end!

    Like you say being able to share the experience with family and friends are more important that the material things on the day so I’m trying to not let the finer details stress me out and just go with the flow xx

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