Wedding Stationary

Paper! So much blooming paper involved in this wedding buisiness & I don’t just mean the official paperwork I’m talking about the wedding stationary. There are so SO many different things you need not just the invitations like I’d originally thought heres the list of wedding stationary we have so far.

Save The Dates

Day invitations

Night Invitations


Place cards

Order of service

Table names/numbers

Menu Cards

Seating Plan

Thank you cards

Now you don’t necessarily have to have every single item on this list (I do because i have issues lol) but if you want it all (like me) then all these things add up & what we’d originally expected to be paying for our stationary has gone out the window up the street and blown out to sea. Some of the prices are astronomical! Lets just say one quote came £1400 & that didn’t even include everything on the list!

Another thing about invitations that has been stressing me out are the choices. Now don’t get me wrong there is some absolutely stunning stationary out there but the main thing about the stationary is it has to go with your wedding, so the style, colour & even font all count as a prelude as to what to expect o the big day and this has been the main thing I’ve struggled with. At the minute the big ‘IN’ thing at the moment is vintage/rustic themed weddings and these are what the majority of wedding stationary websites are catering for at the moment. Which is great but is the complete polar opposite of our wedding theme. Our theme is bright colours with a classic yet modern feel (No i’m not telling you the colours yet lol) which has not been easy to find to say the least. But after scouring the web non stop for the past few weeks I have found the most amazing site!

They have an absolutely fantastic range of stationary & the best thing about them is you can design you wedding stationary yourself online & see how your colour & scheme fit together.

Prices for the DIY invites start from 55p & go up depending on what you add on to your design & which style of invitation you choose. You can also use them for save the dates, menu cards & much more. With the DIY invites you can personalize them as much as you want, they have a great range of colours & accesories to really make your invitation stand out. And if you really want to make these as personal to you as possible & save money at the same time you can save by having all the pieces sent out to you and putting them together yourself. Or for the lazier of us out the (Me) you can pay abit extra and have them all put together professionally by them. They also have fantastic range of pre-designed stationary for great prices. Board: Kraft - Ribbed / Insert: Pearlised Lavender / Pattern: Horizontal Layout - Polka Dot Purple Paper / Ribbon: 23mm Thistle Satin - Tie / Embellishment: Eleanor EmbellishmentBoard: Pearlised Citrus / Insert: Pearlised White / Pattern: Horizontal Layout - Ornate Damask Green Paper / Ribbon: 15mm Turquoise Satin - Knot

(Images via Pure Invitations)

Pure invitations also have a wide range of craft items, wedding favours & accessories, christening & party invitations all their items are a fantastic price and great quality you can find them via their website or…

Facebook –

twitter – @pureinv

Me & my OH have spent ages using the online design feautures designing our perfect invitations & the rest of our matching stationary we have found something we love for each part of our wedding stationary from the save the dates to the seating plan & would definitely recommend Pure invitations.

let me know how you got on with your invites did you have the same problems?

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg





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