Wedding Shoes

Hi I know it’s been forever & I will explain but not in this post lol. Anyway…..when planning a wedding the most important decision (aside from the venue) is the dress and then the accessories e.g.. shoes (at least in my case) and there are hundreds of bridal shoe choices from Simple to Blinged out, Traditional to funky, there’s a pair out there to suit every bride and every dress.

Now for me It’s got to be abit (if not alot) of bling. I LOVE sparkles I’m like a magpie if it shines, sparkles or glitters I want it! I don’t want to go all Gypsy wedding but sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do & Here are some my current top runners in the bling bling wedding shoe department….

Women High Heels



Benjamin Adams

Benjamin Adams

What are your wedding shoes like?

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


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