At The National Wedding Show (Birmingham NEC)

Fantastic! That’s all I can say. Well no it’s not really all I can say but it definitely sums up my experience. As I said in my last post I went with my Mum and Mother-in-law, we had a great time and got loads of deals and freebies (everybody loves a freebie). As we had V.I.P passes

 photo 39ed5d01-b9bd-472d-acbf-5bb82c57607d_zpsb1dccb95.jpg

this meant we also got V.I.P seating & access to the catwalk show & V.I.P lounge where we got a free glass of Champagne & a Love Lula beauty box.

 photo 55aedab9-2381-48ce-9668-f9bf8b4106b1_zpsf2b62063.jpg

 photo IMG_2604_zpsc196e802.jpg

I also collected an array of magazines, Wedding magazine, Wedding flowers, You & your wedding, Wedding ideas, Perfect Wedding which altogether should have cost over £20 all for £9, all were the current issues that have just come out and that luckily I haven’t bought yet so that’s plenty of reading material for me over the next month.  I also tried on some gorgeous dresses and have decided there’s only one designer who’s style of dresses I really like that designer being Ronald Joyce. I wasn’t looking to buy a dress that day though but one thing I did buy were these adorable stickers!

 photo a306f627-e6d1-4ec7-90d6-cb9930de9068_zps640aea2b.jpg

How super cute are these! They were on at £2 for 40 so we got 120, 80 in pink & 80 in orange which we’re going to use on our save the date envelopes and anything else we feel needs a little bit extra. The main and most important thing that I bought though was our wedding stationary! Hallelujah that tricky business is over now! I ordered absolutely everything…

Day invitations

Night Invitations


Place cards

Order of service

Table names/numbers

Seating Plan

Thank you cards

And I ordered it all from my favourite wedding stationary company Pure Invitation which I also wrote about here. I got it all for an absolutely fantastic price as they had a discount on at the fair but if you sign up to their mailing list they have plenty of offers on throughout the year. I would definitely recommend them I scoured the web for months for nice affordable stationary and they came out on top every time. Once I get my proofs I’ll be sure to post some pictures of  them, You may have already guessed my colour scheme but once I post my invites up you’ll know for definite lol.

Below is a picture we had took at the fujifilm booth on theire instax cameras (I totally need one of these!)

 photo 94ec17d3-1fc2-46b9-b136-ac841e14074d_zps3b12965a.jpg

Left to right, My mum, Mother in law, Me

Overall I had a really good but busy day. Birmingham is a 2 hour train drive from where I live so we were up at the crack of dawn, we arrived at the show at 11am & left for our train at 5:30pm so that gives some indication of the amount there is to do and see there. Even after all that time we could have still done with an extra day because we didn’t get to visit all the stalls so here are my recommendations for if your planning to visit the show

  • Comfortable footwear – The show site is huge and involves a lot of walking from stall to stall and a lot of standing up so make sure your footwear is comfortable
  • Cool clothing – It gets very warm walking up and down for hours so I wouldn’t recommend taking a large coat or jumper as you’ll only end up taking it off and carrying it which will get very annoying and hinder you trying to look at things.
  • Easy to remove clothing –  You don’t have unlimited time to try things on and many of the stalls only have one changing room that you may have to share with 3 other women including their huge dresses and the assistants so being able to get undressed and dressed quickly will make the entire process much easier.
  • Being Organised – Try and research the stalls there and write down the stalls & numbers that you really want to see and try to go to them first, that way you won’t find your self in a rush and not get to see the things you want to see properly.
  • Take a notepad & pen – I found this extremely helpful as I could write down the stall and designers I wanted to do further research on and also helps when comparing prices on different stalls
  • Get to the catwalk early – The seat in both the VIP & the normal stand get took up quickly so try and get there early to avoid a bad seat
  • Take people who are patient – Theres nothing worse than trying to look at things and show people who are wandering off and looking at other stalls make sure the people you take are there for you and are willing to wait while you look at your 100th tiara which looks to them exactly the same as the other 50 you’ve already seen.
  • Enjoy yourself – It’s not the end of the world if you miss a stall don’t try to rush round because unless you have 2 days there is no way you can see every single stall take down the details of the stalls you want to re-visit or research that way you can enjoy the show without feeling rushed.

Overall I had a fantastic day & plan to visit the show again sometime next year this time with my bridesmaids. Hope you all enjoy/enoyed yours tell me how it went for you!

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


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