Wedding Traditions

Every culture has traditions when it comes to weddings but it’s up to you whether or not you follow them. I like to think of myself as quite traditional here are some of the traditions I will be following on my big day…

The Saying – Something Old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, A silver sixpence in her shoe

Something Old: Represents the link with the bride’s family and the past.

Something New: Represents good fortune and success in the bride’s new life.

Something Borrowed: To remind the bride that friends and family will be there for her when help is needed.

Something Blue: Symbolises faithfulness and loyalty and dates back to biblical times when blue represented purity

A Silver Sixpence in her Shoe is to wish the bride wealth, both financial and happiness

Father walking the bride down the aisle – This would be a tradition I would follow but unfortunately my Dad passed away when I was 13 so my mum will be giving me away and also doing the speech which should be intriguing lol

The Bridesmaids – I have 5 bridesmaids & 1 flower girl. My sister is my Chief Bridesmaid/Maid of honour, My OH’s sister, My 2 best friends from school & one of closet work friends. My other close friends daughter will have just turned 3 by my wedding and will be my flower girl.

The White dress – Definitely! And for me it had got to be pure ice white.

The Veil – Traditionally  the wedding veil was worn to hide the bride’s beauty and to ward off evil spirits. These days it is more of an accessory & one that i will definitely be wearing other wise I just won’t feel like a proper bride.

The First danceTraditionally to open the dance to all other guests this is something we plan on doing although the first dance song is proving rather tricky

The removing of the GarterTraditional? Yes, Slightly tacky & cheesy? Also yes but it’s just a bit of fun and something I know Josh would be disappointed if he didn’t get chance to do, plus it’s the only way I’ll get to incorporate something blue in to my wedding without it clashing.

The hidden bride & dressIt’s meant to be good luck that the bride & groom not see each other before the wedding and also that groom not see the dress before the wedding day. These are both things I plan on following to a T

Although I may not believe in the superstitions and symbolism in some of these items I know I wouldn’t get married without them.

One of the traditions I don’t plan on following is….

The throwing of the bouquet – Although initially introduced from America the British also took on this tradition. It’s said that who ever catches the bouquet will get married next. Now this is one thing that will not be doing as I plan to keep my bouquet & have the flowers dried and saved after the wedding.

What traditions do you like and will you be following on your wedding day? If there are any interesting ones I haven’t written about let me know or any unusual ones from different cultures?

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