Two Wedding Dresses?

The practice of having two dresses, One for the ceremony and another for the reception is fast becoming a trend in the UK and has become practically the norm in the US. Although I can see the appeal, having a chance to buy not 1 but 2 dresses being a big one and also sometimes the need e.g. if your dress isn’t practical for your reception venue. Another option to buying a second dress is a 2 in 1 style dress…

but personally I just couldn’t do it. The dress I get married will be the most important dress I will ever wear and also the most expensive dress, add in the fact that I’ll only ever get one chance to wear it and I just couldn’t imagine taking it off and putting something else on I want to wear it for as long as possible! I mean literally from the time I get up till the time I go to bed (I may even sleep in it)

Do you plan on having a second dress or are you sticking to just one? If you do plan on having a second dress what are your reasons?

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


2 thoughts on “Two Wedding Dresses?

  1. I go back and forth on a second dress.. On one hand, this is my wedding dress- like you I agree that I only get to wear it one day and I’m spending a small a fortune on it, so I should wear it as long as I can. On the other hand, as the night wears on I for sure want to get my dance on, and I could see how it might get in the way, be hot etc..
    I’m still torn about what I’ll do. As of right now, the plan is to get one dress and wear one dress for the whole night.

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