10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Besides your venue the next major thing you’ll be looking for is your  photographer. Asking the right questions can be crucial to ensure you get the best experience and overall outcome for you and your wedding as these pictures are something you will treasure forever.

We had our first meeting with a potential photographer yesterday which went great and we got a lot of information here are some of they key questions we made sure to ask.

1) Is Your Date Available?

Pretty obvious but there’s no point interviewing potential photographers if your date isn’t even available.

2) Who Will Photograph Your Wedding?

Photographers can work alone, in two’s and some work in groups and some studios employ multiple photographers. To ensure you get the best experience it is important that you meet with the person who will be photographing your wedding and see their work. Chemistry between you and your photographer is key as if you feel intimidated or uncomfortable with your photographer it can spoil not only your pictures but your entire experience on the day.

3) Do You Work Alone/Second photographer?

Depending on the venue and amount of guests at your wedding it can be beneficial to have a second photographer on your day if this is something you think you might want be sure to ask your photographer if a) they are willing to work alongside someone else and b) Can they offer or recommend someone? Many photographers will have already have this option in place.

4) What happens if you are ill or something goes wrong?

Do they have backup photographer that can step in if needed?  Do they bring back up equipment?

5) How long Do you stay? Is there an extra for charge for staying later? 

All photographers are different and work to different time schedules so to ensure your photographer hasn’t left before that all important first dance it’s important to find out what time they plan on leaving and if there’s a charge for them to stay later.

6) What does my chosen package include?

This should give a detailed description of everything included in your package e.g. Disk, Album etc.. This also gives you the option to ask for and include extras that you may want.

7) How much?

How Much Of A Deposit Is Required To Hold The Date? When Is The Balance Due? What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

8) Do I receive a disk with my photo’s on?

If yes then be sure to double check that these images will be watermark & copyright free. If not ask is there an additional charge to ensure this?

9) Is there a cancellation Policy?

If the worst should happen it is important to ensure you know the in’s and out’s.

10) Do I feel comfortable with this photographer & Do I like their work?

This is probably the most important part of choosing a photographer as they are going to be there capturing your memories of what may be the most important and special day of your life.  If your photographer makes you feel awkward, uncomfortable or intimidated. Or you like them but don’t particularly like their style or work then this probably is not the photographer for you. I know budget can be a big issue in wedding planning but for me the photographer is one area that I would much rather pay more and be completely happy than go with a cheaper option and pay the price of shoddy workmanship after all even when the memories fade your photo’s will help bring them flooding back.

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


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