To cover or not to cover

That is the question. And it’s a question a lot of brides ask themselves when planning their wedding. Whether or not you chooses to have them can depend on a variation of things, The colour/style/look of the chairs available at your venue, Theme and personal preference but mostly budget.

Personally I am a HUGE fan of chair covers they can completely transform a venue and help finish off your entire theme or colour scheme and their are so many different styles to choose from



Chair covers are definitely a must for us as although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the chair’s at our venue it is our colour scheme that strongly dictate’s the need for covering as the venues Royal blue & gold chair’s would  look completely ridiculous and out of place with a our white, pink & orange colour scheme and the only way to resolve that is to hire chair covers and that is where the fun begins.

I searched high & low for wedding seat covers based on prices & style. I knew exactly what I wanted, I strongly dislike the cotton seat covers as I felt they looked ill fitting and untidy,

I much prefered the tight fitting lycra/spandex chair covers giving an overall smoother, cleaner look.

In some twisted logic the majority of the time cotton cover were more expensive which I can only assume is due to the fact that each cover will have to be ironed one by one which is time consuming in anyone’s book. Anyway as it were the lycra cover’s ranged in price from £2.50-£4.50 for the seat cover and one sash and for an extra sash it was around £1-£2 per chair. Which is not an extortionate amount of money but when your forking out for over 130 chair covers it can get pretty expensive.

Our best quote worked out at around £325 at £2.50 per chair. But luckily we tried the recommended supplier for our venue who gave us a discount of £2 per chair which took it down to £260, much better (or so I thought). I went to the Yorkshire wedding sale at magna on Sunday and there were plenty of chair seat cover suppliers all offering reduced rates but so far non any cheaper than we’d been quoted so we stopped searching for seat covers and just glanced in the stalls checking prices when lo & behold we saw in a stall called Beaux & Belles lycra seat covers on offer at £1.50 down from £2.50! After double checking with the owner and checking out the colour’s they had on offer we were practically sold, but wait! There’s more the offer included a free second sash per chair instead of the usual £1 for an extra sash. So on the basis we had 2 weeks to book we went home, googled & facebooked them and yesterday (today as I write this) we booked them for the bargain price of £1.50 including seat cover & 2 sash’s! which works out at just £195! from our original budget of £400 for seat covers we have managed to save over £200!

Happy days! so far thats






Chair covers booked

and we’ve also seen a lady about a cake but that’s another story for another day 🙂

Ciao for now

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


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