Dress Code Dilemma

Wow just had a bit of a debate over on the 2015 brides page about guest’s wearing jeans to weddings

Here was my post…

Is anyone having a dress code at there wedding? I more worried about the men than the women, I obviously don’t have to worry about day guests as I’m pretty sure they’ll all be in suits, but I went to a wedding at the weekend and most of the male evening guests were in jeans, trainers & t-shirts, it’s just that at the evening reception is at a pretty nice place I don’t want them turning up in jeans & trainers is it wrong to expect them to dress up a little? They don’t have to go all out I don’t expect an evening guest to be in full suits & ties etc but I really don’t want jeans & trainers. How could I word this in an invite? 

All I wanted was polite way to include this in my wedding invite but unfortunately sparked a lot of “I don’t care what they wear as long as they are there” “It comes across as slightly bridezilla to dictate what your guests should and shouldn’t wear” replies,  Now for one I am not dictating to them, I am not telling them, I am asking politely if they could please wear something else. Now believe me I am not a snob, I’m not asking them the each go out and buy an Armani suit or Gucci dress I am asking them if they would please refrain from wearing jeans and trainers on this one little day, not asking them to sign over the rights of their house and custody of their children.

Now overall I really don’t care what the guests wear, as long as we all have a great time I will not be focusing or stressing about every guest that turns up with scuffed shoes or wearing jeans in the long run these things really don’t matter but it’s one small requests in a list of two that I have made the other one being have fun!

So forgive me if this means I’m bridezilla of the year, by all means call in the firing squad and string me up but I can not see how one small request makes me a bridezilla. Believe me I have heard of and met some bridezillas in my time who demand everyone should buy a brand new suit for there wedding, their bridesmaid has to lose 3 stone, or guests hair colour must not clash with the wedding colours and lots of other rubbish so if this is my bridezilla moment then so be it Everybody has there own vision of what their wedding will be like and this is mine I don’t expect everyone to agree or my veiws to be everyones views and each person and wedding is different and I can think of lots of wedding themes where jeans would be perfect and fit right in but just not in the veiw I have for my wedding after all it is my wedding I have the right to ask and everyone has the right to refuse.

Either way I will love every minute of our day jeans or no jeans!

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg


One thought on “Dress Code Dilemma

  1. You are right to expect your guests to dress up a little for this one great special day in your life. Unless specified to come as you are ( ex: beach wedding ), it would be rude and disrespectful not to do just one little thing for you, like dressing up nice.

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