Pregnancy Week 10 – 14 update

Hi guys I’m going to do you a little progress & symptom catch up from where I last left off, In my last post we had only recently found out were were pregnant but now i’m over half way there! Here are my regular weekly updates from instagram to keep up with me day to day and for more consistent posting please follow my instagram @theringsandthings.


10 weeks! We made it to double figures! It’s so exciting! My bean actually looks like a real baby in pictures now rather than an alien/sea creature lol symptoms this week have been on & off, nausea, vomiting & migraines. Still no real cravings still hate pizza lol I definitely have bump which is so exciting but it still looks like I ate all the pies rather than a proper baby bump so hopefully the next couple of weeks change that. My next scan is in less than 2 weeks I can’t wait to see how much my bean has changed!


11 Weeks! Only 5 more days till I get to see my little bean on the big screen again! I can’t believe how quick it’s going, every week gets more and more exciting, Bean is looking more and more human every day although still has a super huge head lol I’m feeling on the whole much better less nausea & headaches but I am still getting them I’m actually writing this while laid in the dark feeling sick & headachey lol I’m still off pizza & now garlic bread has decided to get involved 😡 no new symptoms to report at just plodding along, heard the heartbeat on Doppler which has been amazing although I’m trying to limit my usage, I can’t wait to officially get out of this first trimester & there’s an end in sight now.


12 weeks today! Another week down & only 2 weeks to go until I’m in the 2nd trimester! Seeing little bean again was amazing especially as he no longer looks like a kidney bean & looks like a real little baby. The nausea & headaches are still lurking about but not as often. Still no pizza for me, garlic bread is back on the table but sweet potatoes are out lol, definitely got a little bump now & I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to invest in some maternity trousers ASAP as only one pair of my jeans will fasten now & they are NOT comfortable lol 🙈 I’m in the fastest growth period now so hopefully by Christmas I’ll have a proper little baby bump.


13 Weeks today! So close to my 2nd trimester! Nausea is almost completely gone hallelujah! Still no major cravings although I’m kinda obsessed with orange juice & apple juice so maybe that’s a craving, still hate pizza lol, weird panic moment yesterday my bump had completely disappeared like literally nothing there luckily baby was super easy to find with the Doppler just really low down in my pelvis plus I woke up laud on my stomach so I might have squished him back in lol it’s back this morning anyway so alls well 😊 the fatigue seems to be dropping but I’ve managed to get all Christmas & New Years off so I’m ridiculously excited & will be catching up on sleep over the next two weeks.


14 Weeks! Hello 2nd trimester! I feel so blessed & excited to have reached this point in my pregnancy. Bumps coming along nicely now & I can’t wait find out who’s been hitchhiking around with me for the past 14 weeks so roll on January lol symptoms are subsiding everything seems smooth sailing so far



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