Pregnancy Week 15 – 19 updates


15 weeks today! We’re officially in the 2nd trimester baby is actually looking like a baby, My next big milestone is viability so 9 weeks to go until then. Symptoms this week have been sporadic to say the least, terrible migraines & sickness, sharp cramps then nothing I’ve actually lost 3lbs in 3days after my awful migraine & sickness on Friday it’s been a struggle to get my appetite back up so I’m currently back to being under my pre pregnancy weight. Baby seems to be doing perfectly fine though I’m excited to feel the first flutters in the next few weeks and even though I’ve lost weight my bump is still expanding lol no cravings this week & also no aversions so we’re doing well been having the weirdest dreams all surrounding finding out the gender but no luck with those so far it’s 2xGirl & 2xBoy lol Only 11 days until we find out babies gender so excited to find out if we’re green or purple.


16 weeks today! Babies growing & so am I I feel huge in the evenings lol I’m back to my exact pre pregnancy weight not that it counts for anything atm I lose & gain weight all the time lol baby is the same size as a pickle or avocado depending on the app, baby weighs 3.5oz & is 4.6inches long which seems adorable, I keep waiting to feel baby but so far nothing yet at least I don’t think so lol. No cravings or aversions no appetite increase or decrease its pretty smooth sailing over here atm, & here as usual is my countdown till we find out the gender 5days!!


17 Weeks today! Tick tock time is flying by & our little Mini is a girl! Which is why today’s pic is pink πŸŽ€πŸ’œ I was so convinced we were having a boy but I’m so excited either way lots of pretty bows & dresses which I can definitely get on board with lol. This week I have definitely felt some kind of movements mainly her rolling around I’m not sure if I’ve felt any kicks yet & if that’s what they are then they still aren’t very consistent just yet. Mini is the size of a pomegranate or orange is approx 5.1inches & weighs 5oz. I still haven’t gained any weight still exactly 134.5lb the exact same as 17weeks ago lol god knows how as my stomache is huge πŸ˜‚. Our mini also has a name Taylor Jade πŸ’œ I don’t think I’ll be able to confidently believe I’m having a girl until we have the gender confirmed at the 20 week scan hopefully she’ll be more co-operative and stay still for abit then lol just 4 weeks to go!


18 weeks today! Had a lovely day hubby finally felt mini kicking! It was so cute she’s going to be a little kick boxer lol I can feel her a lot now throughout the day she’s growing fast now & I can tell as I’ve finally started gaining weight I’m now up 2.5lbs but could also be that I seem to have had an appetite upgrade lol not really any symptoms a bit of nausea occasionally, light headaches & heartburn. Unfortunately my main symptom is frequent urination I literally go every ten minutes it’s getting ridiculous I may invest in adult nappies lol i’m up constantly throughout the night it’s frustrating but she’s worth it β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œπŸ’œ


19 weeks today! Been to the races for the day today & been stood up all I’m absolutely exhausted lol my weekly weigh in this morning & I’ve gained 0.5lbs lol that take my total up to 3lbs overall which is still looking good. The past week has been rough for round ligament pain mini is definitely not so mini now those tiny fists & feet pack a punch when she feels like it πŸ˜‚ only 10days till we see mini again! Hopefully she’s not grown a penis since last time lol


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