20 Week Bump Date | Mini Moore Diaries

Woahh we’re halfway there, Woahh living in prayer!
20 Weeks exactly

20 weeks today finally made it to the halfway point depending on whether mini is planning on being early or late lol I’m so excited to be at this point were out of the teens & into our 20s “she’s growing up so fast” she’s a proper little live wire and loved to remind me she’s here, sometimes faintly sometimes with her Dr Martins lol. My weight gain at this point is still slow I’ve gained 0.8lbs this week taking my total up to 3.8lbs overall rather than the recommended 10/18lbs although I’m not particularly concerned as I’m eating & she seems fine I have my 20 week scan on Thursday so I’ll get some confirmation then. & hopefully I’ll get a second confirmation on gender just to put my mind at ease lol overall this has been a fab week I’m excited to see mini again this coming week & can anybody tell me what the heck a Belgian endive is?

 The End of week 20

20 weeks 6 days 

Bump Pic 20w 6d

I take all of my bump pictures at plus 6days so they’ll always come at the end of a post as it’s the end of that week, Mini is halfway cooked & most definitely a girl had my anatomy scan this week & mini is perfect! I’m so excited to meet our little girl things have been good this week getting some back ache now but nothing too bad yet I know it’s only going to get worse. If you follow me on YouTube I’m still doing videos but my laptops been funny about connecting my cable so hopefully I should be able to load them up soon for now here are some scan pictures

I may be biased but I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest baby ever we’re going to have to do something about that thumb sucking though! haha

Bye for now

Loved it

Zoe & Mini


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