Pregnancy Week 10 – 14 update

Hi guys I’m going to do you a little progress & symptom catch up from where I last left off, In my last post we had only recently found out were were pregnant but now i’m over half way there! Here are my regular weekly updates from instagram to keep up with me day to day and for more consistent posting please follow my instagram @theringsandthings.


10 weeks! We made it to double figures! It’s so exciting! My bean actually looks like a real baby in pictures now rather than an alien/sea creature lol symptoms this week have been on & off, nausea, vomiting & migraines. Still no real cravings still hate pizza lol I definitely have bump which is so exciting but it still looks like I ate all the pies rather than a proper baby bump so hopefully the next couple of weeks change that. My next scan is in less than 2 weeks I can’t wait to see how much my bean has changed!


11 Weeks! Only 5 more days till I get to see my little bean on the big screen again! I can’t believe how quick it’s going, every week gets more and more exciting, Bean is looking more and more human every day although still has a super huge head lol I’m feeling on the whole much better less nausea & headaches but I am still getting them I’m actually writing this while laid in the dark feeling sick & headachey lol I’m still off pizza & now garlic bread has decided to get involved 😡 no new symptoms to report at just plodding along, heard the heartbeat on Doppler which has been amazing although I’m trying to limit my usage, I can’t wait to officially get out of this first trimester & there’s an end in sight now.


12 weeks today! Another week down & only 2 weeks to go until I’m in the 2nd trimester! Seeing little bean again was amazing especially as he no longer looks like a kidney bean & looks like a real little baby. The nausea & headaches are still lurking about but not as often. Still no pizza for me, garlic bread is back on the table but sweet potatoes are out lol, definitely got a little bump now & I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to invest in some maternity trousers ASAP as only one pair of my jeans will fasten now & they are NOT comfortable lol 🙈 I’m in the fastest growth period now so hopefully by Christmas I’ll have a proper little baby bump.


13 Weeks today! So close to my 2nd trimester! Nausea is almost completely gone hallelujah! Still no major cravings although I’m kinda obsessed with orange juice & apple juice so maybe that’s a craving, still hate pizza lol, weird panic moment yesterday my bump had completely disappeared like literally nothing there luckily baby was super easy to find with the Doppler just really low down in my pelvis plus I woke up laud on my stomach so I might have squished him back in lol it’s back this morning anyway so alls well 😊 the fatigue seems to be dropping but I’ve managed to get all Christmas & New Years off so I’m ridiculously excited & will be catching up on sleep over the next two weeks.


14 Weeks! Hello 2nd trimester! I feel so blessed & excited to have reached this point in my pregnancy. Bumps coming along nicely now & I can’t wait find out who’s been hitchhiking around with me for the past 14 weeks so roll on January lol symptoms are subsiding everything seems smooth sailing so far



House Reno updates!

 So it’s been awhile since I showed you the progress we’ve made on our house & I’m pleased to say we’re almost there!

This is just a quick over view of the rooms that are practically finished I will do a room room by tour when they are all fully completed…

Dining area

First of I’ve got to say kitchen/dining room is 100% my favorite room in the house I love the style and colour this is literally the kitchen of my dreams.

Still to do

We are going to build units & shelves into the alcoves for extra display room & storage & also to cover the old pipes & sockets. We also need to fit skirting boards & put up our curtains & blinds

Kitchen area

I LOVE MY KITCHEN! I seriously can not express how much I love this kitchen, Its exactly what I dreamt and imagined. The white units, solid wood worktops, Belfast sink, island hob. All accentuated with duck egg blue & chrome accessories. We have duck egg blue tiles to match the wall in the dining room & I love my Lion knocker chairs!

Still to do

You can’t see in the above photo but we have a pantry which needs a new door fitting & we need skirting boards & blinds for the remaining 2 windows. We also need to finish/start tiling.

    Living Room

This room is so cosy I love the colours in here. We carried the blue through into this room and added the green (my favourite colour) I think they work so well together and as we have double doors into the dining room from the kitchen and we’ve had the same flooring throughout the entire first floor it helps all the rooms flow together.

Still to do

We just need a curtain pole we already have the curtains and the skirting boards fitting in here now.

    Master Bedroom

This is our master bedroom & the only room in the that is completely finished. There’s a few finishing touches I’d like to add such as pictures and decor but the main bit is done.

Still to do

Fit our new door
  The Bathroom

Not much left to finish in here either Josh has just finished boxing in the pipes behind the toilet and sink.

Still to do

Fit the door, skirting boards and a shower screen.  

Last but not least is our hallway.

Still to do

We’d like a new door in the long run but for now we just really need a shoe rack or cupboard because it’s getting out of control lol,

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg

Our Wedding – Part 2

Here’s a few more from our day I seriously could have picked 100s more but i thought Id try to keep it short & sweet.

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-365 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-366

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-395

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-398 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-404 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-410 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-421 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-477 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-427 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-432 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-447 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-500 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-544 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-548 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-560 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-571 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-615 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-677 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-704 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-654 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-708 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-710 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-734 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-756 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-768 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-813Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-826

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at our pictures. I wish I had a time machine to go back & do it all over again! My advice for those of you planning your wedding don’t sweat the small things not everything went exactly to plan on our day but everything worked out perfectly in the end & lastly I know you’ll have been told this a million times but seriously enjoy every minute as it absolutely flies by!

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg

Our Wedding – Part 1

I can’t believe it’s been a month already since we got married! I really really really want to do it all over again! Everything was amazing. As you most probably gathered from my last post it was literally all systems go in the last few weeks running up to the wedding. Our house was the main priority in the lead up as we were determined to be moved in before the wedding and we just managed it, moving in on the monday before our wedding on the saturday. There’s still bits to do here & there in the house but i’ll save that for my next house update (the next post).

One thing i’m glad I did before the wedding was write up a day of timeline for everyone involved which definitely helped for organizing the bridesmaids hair & make-up in the morning. For the most part the day ran smoothly we had a little rain in the afternoon but by the evening things had brightened & warmed up which was fantastic for the BBQ we had planned for the evening. anyway I’m sure your mainly here for the pictures so here they are I’m going to post them in two parts as there’s alot…..

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-13 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-19 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-23 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-32 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-35 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-38 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-46 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-69 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-99 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-135 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-148 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-172 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-173 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-200 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-229

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-247 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-287

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-298
Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-360Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-362

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg

Guess Who’s Back & Married!

I know it’s been months & I can only apologize but it’s been manic over here. We were rushing around like crazy to get our house in a livable state so we could move in before our wedding & we literally only just managed it moving in 5 days before our wedding we officially moved in on the Monday before our wedding on the Saturday & then we went on our honeymoon on the Thursday morning so to say I was stressed is an understatement haha & to top it off my laptop was on it’s last legs so I’ve finally got a new one today so now the weddings over, there only bit here and there to finish in the house & I have a new laptop I now have no excuse for not blogging lol.

I promise I will write some posts on the wedding, honeymoon & house over the next few weeks. I need something to keep me busy now that the weddings over it’s a bit like being in limbo, I miss having things to do & keep me busy.

Anyway that’s it for now & I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from our wedding

Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-112 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-161 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-388 Zoe & Josh - Wedding Day-523

See you soon!

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg

House Renovation – Room updates part 2

Well it’s literally full steam ahead at our house at the minute, with only 9 weeks left till the wedding we rushing around like headless chickens trying to finalize things and finish the house off. The good thing is that our house has now been fully plastered except the two spare rooms which we’ve decided to leave until after the wedding. They are currently being used as storage rooms to house our new bathroom and furniture till we can move them into their forever homes.

Our living room, Hallway and Bedroom have been fully painted and are awaiting the flooring skirting boards & glossing to be done. The Kitchen side of our kitchen/diner has been painted and my OH is putting together our units ready to have to kitchen installed next week here are some update pictures.

The Hallway

We have a pretty decent sized hallway and I was unsure what to do with it but then I realized it would be the perfect place to add some colour due to Josh’s aversion to colour anywhere in the house (if it’s not magnolia it’s not happening); I decided on lemon & grey which I know can be pretty dark in a small space but all the dark wood is going to be painted white, including the door and I’m going to add some bright photos & accessories to brighten it up. I’m excited to see the finished product.

The Living Room

As I mentioned above Josh has an aversion to colour so as we already had chocolate brown sofa & chairs we decided on chocolate & cream for our colour scheme. I will definitely be adding some kind of colour in here but until it’s finished I haven’t decided but I’m thinking emerald green & purple with hints of gold. Fingers crossed I get to add some colour lol

The Master Bedroom

Again with the colour aversion but in this case I’m happy with it as it’s exactly how I wanted it. My colour scheme is cream & gold I wanted it to feel calm, comfortable & relaxing with a hint of luxury. We have a hint of gold glitter in the paint it’s so pretty but really hard to capture in a photo & it matches the wallpaper perfectly which also has gold glitter and a gold shimmer.

There’s not much left to do in any of these rooms others than flooring, skirting boards, & glossing And other little touches like light fittings & plug sockets but these rooms haven’t got far to go now! I’m so excited now I can see it all coming together.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a little tour round our house and stay tuned for further updates on some of our other rooms.

 photo 51e7869e-a156-42c4-879e-a8855d4c2eaa_zpsa3c584f4.jpg

Update – 5 months to go!

I know, I know it has been FOREVER! 5 months to be exact but I can only apologize and say things over here have been crazy crazy CRAZY!

Apart from my birthday, we went for a long weekend to London it was amazing I finally got to see Wicked and seriously can not recommend it enough! It was fantastic! We also went to the ice bar all in all it was a great birthday.


Christmas & New year were spent eating, drinking and being merry with friends and family.

The biggest news is that we have finally bought our very first house! I am beyond excited and all being well we should pick up our keys next week! Which in all honesty is lucky because we have A LOT  of work to do on it. We have big plans for the entire house & garden which I’m sure will fill my blog up until the wedding. Once we get our key’s I’ll post pictures of before during in and after and explain our plans for the house.

Back to the subject of the wedding, as the title says there’s just 5 months to go and so far everything has gone smoothly we are just £300 off our grand total then the rest goes towards our honeymoon fund. We also have our engagement shoot on the 1st March at our wedding venue and I’m excited about working with our photographer and finding the best shots and poses. I’ve also been busy DIY’ing gifts and decorations for the wedding our spare room is set up like a workshop at the minute lol it’s also playing host to all the wedding clothes including all of the bridesmaids dresses and shoes, which I’m going to do a full post on later this week. And finally my wedding dress has arrived in the shop and although they can’t fit me in for a full fitting I can go see and try my dress on tommorow!

That’s just some of whats been going lately and there’s plenty left to talk about but I’ll save that for my next post in the mean time you can keep up to date with me by following me on


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Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Christmas has given me OCD I can’t stop sorting the present’s out they have to be neatly laid out and not too many of one colour next to each other on the plus side it’s looking quite pretty I think….

I also just want to apologise for lack of posts normal service will resume in the new year 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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