Big News, Big Journey | Mini Moore Diaries

Well a couple of months ago I had plans to start a series on here about my trying to conceive journey which if you follow me on instagram @Theringsandthings you will already know about. I planned to start this in on my next cycle Cycle 3 which would have be due to start on 21st October but as you can see that didn’t happen and here’s the reason why…..

I’m pregnant! I still can’t believe it! We conceived in our 2nd cycle of trying I had and extremely faint line at 9dpo (days past ovulation) to the point where I was convinced it was an evap, indent line or my imagination.


14/10/15 – 9dpo – the line is barely visiable on camera

I then took another test at 10 dpo, 4 to be exact lol and got very faint lines on all my tests which were still barely visible but they I didn’t think all the tests would have such similar evap lines….


15/10/15 – 10dpo – 2 morning tests, 2 afternoon tests all with very faint lines.

I then decided to just go for it and try one of the Clear blue digital tests with weeks estimator so I could get a clear yes or no and to my surprise I got this!


Yep I’m pregnant! I still can’t believe it I can’t believe how lucky we were to conceive in our 2nd cycle. I’ve currently taken around 1 million pregnancy test since this point lol. I’m still very early and most apps place me between 4weeks 5days or 5weeks, which would make my due date between June 25th and 27th. I’ll be going with 5 weeks today until I can get confirmation from the drs or midwife

 I have my first midwife appointment on the 27/10/15 for my booking appointment and to get all my tests and bloodwork done. We still haven’t told our families yet but all being well we plan on booking an early reassurance scan on my birthday which is on November 18th as I should be around 8weeks and telling them all that night.

We are so pleased and excited but also extremely nervous as we know how high the chance of miscarriage is at this point. from this point on I will be doing weekly bump dates and pregnancy vlogs called Mini Moore Diaries talking about symptoms, feelings. appointments etc which if you follow me on youtube you’ll have seen I’ve already started vlogging my journey.

I hope you’ll stick around and join my journey hopefully there’s lots of exciting things to come.

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