House Renovation – Room Updates

At the minute not much is going on in our house we are currently having our boiler relocated into the loft as it’s currently in the bathroom which isn’t ideal. Here are the rooms more or less on track…

Our Bedroom

This is one of the room’s that needs the least work. The carpets & furniture have been removed and the wallpaper came off pretty easily. Only two 0f the walls need skimming, the chimney breast wall will be left as it’s going to be wallpapered.

 The Kitchen/Dining Room

This is the room that needed the most work as the kitchen was long but thin and the dining room would have been a wasted space left as it was. We removed the separating wall to make it a large spacious kitchen diner. We are currently in the process of choosing a kitchen which is exciting.

 Living Room

This room doesn’t need too much work. We’ve removed the fireplace & bricks and the room needs plastering but other than that it’s mostly cosmetic work

I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneaky peak at the progress we’ve made I’ll go into more detail at a later date & I’ll show the bathroom, hallway & Spare rooms progress later so keep following for more updates!

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House Renovation – Part 1

On Friday the 27th of February we finally picked up the keys to our very first home!

Since then we have been hard at it turning it into a home we will love. The house was well cared for but very old & dated and desperate for a complete  make-over.

So far it has been mainly wallpaper scraping as whoever lived in the house before us absolutely loved the stuff it was in every room of the house including the ceiling and some rooms had a lovely surprise second layer of wallpaper waiting for us. It’s fair to say wallpaper is my nemesis and I am now a fully paid up member of the I hate wallpaper club. Today we made our biggest change and knocked down the wall separating the Kitchen and dining room to make a big dining kitchen it has made a massive difference as the kitchen was rather cramped but now it big and bright.

Anyway first things first I’ll give you a tour of the house before any work was started on it.














So far all of the rooms apart from the hallway, 2nd bedroom & 3rd bedroom have been stripped and carpets removed. Every room is having a complete revamp and I will be showing you the plans & ideas room by room as we go by now that the walls gone we’re just waiting for the boiler to be moved into the loft as it’s currently in the bathroom once that’s done we can start plastering and really seeing everything come together. We hope to have everything done and be moved in before the wedding which gives us 4 months so keep your fingers crossed for us!

I hope you’ll follow us for the ride 2015 is turning out to be a very very busy year!

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Wedding Crazy

I know, I know it been forever & I can only apologize for the wait but things have been busy busy busy over here.

We’ve been applying for mortgages, looking at houses, going on holidays & save save saving but things have finally settled down now so I can get back into wedding planning. If you’ve checked out my to do list you’ll notice I have the majority of things booked. In the past months I have booked my cake lady & florist the next big things are the rings & bridesmaids dresses which will have to wait till November as one of my bridesmaids is about to give birth in October (eeek exciting).

So as those things have been on hold I’ve been getting some of the smaller things sorted and I finally found my wedding jewellery & tiara Yay! I have also bought all the bridesmaids gifts/accessories aswell which I will insert a picture of below. I love them I think they are so pretty especially since I am having slight a lovebird theme.



I will also be decorating wine glasses, thank you cards & gift bags for them and also putting some gift/party bags together for the children that will be coming, which I am so excited to do I’ve designed some labels which will be going on the gift bags when they are ready…..


Rose chelsea


I’ll post more pictures when i start making everything and will try to post more things now I’m back in wedding mode and alos keep you updated on our house hunting, There’s so much happening so fast it’s actually scary but very exciting!

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DIY Strassed Wedding Shoes

Ok so the first big news is I HAVE BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS (Wedding dress post to come) so the next thing on my list was wedding shoes. I have really really struggled finding the perfect wedding shoes, the main reason is because I needed white shoes not ivory, or cream or beige or any other shade of off white, which for some unfathomable reason is basically impossible & also because I’m so picky about the kind of shoes I like. So eventually I gave up on the perfect white pair and decided maybe crystal studded or silver would be my best bet but there still weren’t many I liked here are a few I’d seen IMG_3314[1]These are all Benjamin Adams wedding shoes ranging from £180 to £300 which are pretty but they don’t really have the wow factor I was looking for & i wasn’t overly impressed with the crystal placement or the crystals used the shoes I really fell in love with were these amazing Swarovski crystal strassed Louboutin’s….

christian-louboutin-peep-toe-white-crystal-150mm-pumps1  They are amazing and although I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a pair of Louboutins there is no chance in hell I could justify spending £3000 on a pair shoes so I began thinking maybe I could do this myself? and so it began…. looking crystal prices, finding the shoes, the glue, watching videos about strassing shoes & studying techniques and searching for the perfect pair of shoes to strass and I finally found a pair on saturday that were comfy and the perfect colour so it was all systems go! I’m 3 quarters of the way there on my first shoe which has taken around 14 hours but is actually really fun and rather addictive (I literally dream in crystals at the moment lol Here are the tools & shoes I’m using….

IMG_3230  IMG_3243

Total cost £250, 170 for 7000 crystals & Katana  from Crystal Parade, glue & trays from ebay & £65 for the shoes from AldoIMG_3298

Making progress…

IMG_3301  IMG_3315

One full side finished…



Just a little more to go!

I’ll keep you updated

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DIY or Make-up Artist?

On your big day will you be doing your make yourself or hiring a make-up artist?

I’m in 2 minds about this on the one hand it would take the stress off me & give me extra time to relax & have perfect make up. (plus no foundation down your nails & ruining then dress) But on the other hand…..

What if I didn’t like it?

What if she did it wrong?

Or end up looking like this…

Also how am I ever going to let someone touch my face when I won’t even let my fiance remove an eyelash without freaking out?

& all the other mini freak outs a control freak like me might have lol

but I’ve decided I’m going to try it out a few time before the big day & see how I feel, If I’m comfortable with it & like it then I think i’ll definitely go for it.

What about you?

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