House Renovation – Part 1

On Friday the 27th of February we finally picked up the keys to our very first home!

Since then we have been hard at it turning it into a home we will love. The house was well cared for but very old & dated and desperate for a complete  make-over.

So far it has been mainly wallpaper scraping as whoever lived in the house before us absolutely loved the stuff it was in every room of the house including the ceiling and some rooms had a lovely surprise second layer of wallpaper waiting for us. It’s fair to say wallpaper is my nemesis and I am now a fully paid up member of the I hate wallpaper club. Today we made our biggest change and knocked down the wall separating the Kitchen and dining room to make a big dining kitchen it has made a massive difference as the kitchen was rather cramped but now it big and bright.

Anyway first things first I’ll give you a tour of the house before any work was started on it.














So far all of the rooms apart from the hallway, 2nd bedroom & 3rd bedroom have been stripped and carpets removed. Every room is having a complete revamp and I will be showing you the plans & ideas room by room as we go by now that the walls gone we’re just waiting for the boiler to be moved into the loft as it’s currently in the bathroom once that’s done we can start plastering and really seeing everything come together. We hope to have everything done and be moved in before the wedding which gives us 4 months so keep your fingers crossed for us!

I hope you’ll follow us for the ride 2015 is turning out to be a very very busy year!

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#MarriedMay – Part 3, The Finale

Starting from day 22..

Day 22- Wedding Stationary

Day 23 – Favourite part of planning

Day 24 – Worst part of planning

Day 25 – Wedding Nails

Day 26 – Money Saving Tip

Day 27 – Most Looking forward to

Day 28 – First Dance Song

Day 29 – Fave Rom-Com

Day 30 – Tip to those planning

Day 31 – How Many days to go…

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#MarriedMay – Part 2

Starting from day 11…

Day 11 – The Venue

Day 12 – Your Parent’s Wedding

Day 13 – Which wedding Mag?

Day 14 – Flavour of the cake

Day 15 – The Photographer

Day 16 – The Honeymoon

Day 17 – Best Supplier

Day 18 – Fave Wedding blog 😉

Day 19 – Wedding theme

Day 20 – Your fiance ❤

Day 21 – The Perfume

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My first 3 decisions…

When we got engaged the first 3 thing we made decisions on were

1) Church or civil wedding

2) Guest lists & dates

3) Venues

1) Church or civil wedding

For me this was the easiest decision, I will definitely be having a church wedding, It’s not that I’ve anything against civil ceremonies its just I’ve always imagined having the big church wedding  & will be having at my local church. which is where I was christened & grew up (I went to a Church of England school) which meant we visited it for Christmas, Easter, Harvest festivals, Sunday school & Summer fayres & so on.

St. John's Parish Church, Mexborough, South Yorkshire

The church ^

2) Guest lists & Dates

You don’t need to have your guest list or date set in stone but it is best to have a rough estimate when you are looking at venues. (Some have booking up until 2017!) Our numbers are between 60/70 for the day & 120/150 for the night. Some of the venues we have already looked at have a minimum of 80 during the day in peak seasons which is usually April-October. We plan to get married between June-August 2015.


We have a list of 7/8 venues that are between 20-40 minutes away from the church. For me it has to be close enough that people can easily get there and back but also have accommodation as some of my guest will be coming from far away. I’m pretty lucky as my fiance has basically left the overall venue decision up to me as I’m quite picky & I like places with character and lovely grounds we’ve visited 3 places already & one we absolutely love, one we like & one is a definate no & we’re visiting another 2 today. (I’ll be doing a post of venues next)

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Well I’m Engaged!

Well after 5 1/2 years together I am excited and happy to announce that we (Me & Josh) are now engaged!


He proposed Sunday 19th May 2013.

I wont got into too much detail I’ll just give you the short of it you can read the longer version on the proposal page.

On one knee with my friends & family around 🙂 It was so sweet & I honestly had no idea & being the usual me (classy as ever) actually shouted “OMG whats happening?” when he dropped to one knee but the long & the short of it is I SAID YES!

& Boy oh boy did he put a ring on it! I adore it it’s so different & completely unique (designed by himself)

I absolutely love it & couldn’t be happier I have the most amazing fiance! (I still want to say boyfriend lol)

 I’ve already turned into bridezilla & bought my first wedding magazine! I’ve also bought a scrapbook as I plan to a wedding scrapbook from the engagement, all the planning right up until the wedding which will hopefully be August 2015!

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